Flowers in Color

Texure ~ Lux ~ Cloth and Paper Collection

I'm so far behind in my Beyond Beyond class taught by Kim Klassen. I used techniques shared in Day 10 and Day 11 to treat this image. 

Wishing Kim and her family bright days ahead.


  1. I am right there with you on being behind Suzette in 2 B's but did catch up this week, awesome tut this week. Love the texture you used on the image so light and hazy which is typical of summer. Some of my favorite flowers also.

  2. this is so beautiful! love the happy colors. i'm a bit behind too, and now i feel inspired to get back to it. :)

  3. Such pretty flowers, Suzette !
    Lovely and subtle texture work !
    Nice evening,

  4. I am sooo behind with beyond beyond, I wonder whether I will ever catch up. I love your flowers, they look so soft - very beautiful.


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