Twenty Six and Twenty Seven of Fifty-Two

Grandma Jacque left this morning after 10-days visiting family and friends in Utah. It was a wonderful time for all, but I find myself way behind (again) in posting my Fifty-Two images. Here you'll find images I captured during my mom's visit. I'll count all of them as 26 and 27 of 52 and hopefully that will catch me up. I learned a lot taking these pictures and hope to continue to improve. Some of the images are okay, some, if viewed in actual pixel size would not cut it, but for my purpose of showing just a glimpse of our trip to Colorado, I'm posting the best overall pictures I can come up with. Of the the 286 images I took along the way, very few will be saved. Here we go:

I used my wide angle lens which does not work well with vertical lines, but I wanted to capture the cloudy sky like this. I converted it into B&W. It is over sharpened because I was trying something new with my camera. 

Hovenweep in Color
This image is also over sharpened because of the same reason given above. This was shot at 250 mm, but this lens isn't really what you need to get a good shot due to the distance from where I was standing and this structure. I was able to capture the light within the building however.

Four Generations
While my mom and I were at Emily's in Colorado, we wanted to get a 4-generation picture. This is the best we could do as we were getting ready to leave. Stats: My mom (Jacqueline Moody) is 85, Me (Suzette Rothlisberger)  I'm not telling my age, my daughter (Emily Suzanne Anderson Horne) is 29, and her   daughters...Carly (3), Devyn (2), and Lindsey (4 months). There are some pretty strong women in this group and I am so proud to be the daughter of one of them, the mother of one of them, and the grandmother of 3 of them!!!




I'll get some photographs of all my other grandchildren posted here soon! Love to ALL of you!

PS. If you "double click" on the images, you should be able to view them in a larger size!


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