Seventeen of Fifty-Two

Sunny Spot!
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Okay, people!! I am officially addicted to "textures." I love applying them to my images and I either layer the textures, this image has two textures--Ash Wednesday and Morning Coffee by Shaefer, and then I paint out what I don't want and I can add light or is way too much fun. I also enjoy participating in "Fence Friday" a group on flickr where you can post fence shots on Friday only. I'll post next Friday's entry here as well so you can see it ahead of time. Two of my fences have been dumped as they weren't what the admin accepts, so I'm always excited if they're kept in the group. It says a lot if they're approved by the admin.

I have one more Baker Hotel image to finish and then I'll post the whole batch on FB. I love the Baker Hotel and would love to take another trip to Texas just to go to Mineral Wells. I am also working on my Texas trip blog and will have it completed soon.

Love to you all!

The texture applied to this image is by SkeletalMess ~ Antique Aging Effect


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