Ten of Fifty-Two

I'm a day late in getting this posted, but I have been very busy in Colorado!

I'm sitting in the airport writing and waiting to catch a plane home to my regular life. I'm in love with my husband so I'm very glad to be going home, but I'll miss my daughter, Emily, and her sweet family. Emily has given birth to another little girl and thoughts take me back to the day she was born and the joy she has brought into my life. Emily and Jared will be blessed by all the time and attention three little girls will take...the memories they create raising them will last them a lifetime.

Emily and Jared ~ thank you for the opportunity to share in the most precious event allowed us on earth...the birth of a child!


  1. There you go making me cry again, I am so thankful for a mother like you, you know exactly what I needed and I felt so taken care of, I am thankful for our time and can't wait to see you in June. missing you, M


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