The More I Learn...

The more I learn, read, study and view photos, the more I realize how much I don't know. I actually long for the days when I didn't know anything except the point and shoot Canon did a great job and I was lucky when a capture turned out the way I actually saw it. I would take a picture of just about anything. Later, I became selective when I used the P&S camera because I knew there were times or scenes that could not be captured the way I would have liked. I hate flash so I never used the little Canon in low-light settings. I just committed those views to memory. So, I decided I needed a camera with a view finder, more pixels, bigger lens, and the capacity to do a lot more. I needed a DSLR.

I've learned a lot in the 6 months I've had the Canon EOS Rebel xsi, but I'm frustrated by my slow learning curve, my fear of failure and my hesitancy to "take a picture of just about anything" anymore. My newest "dilemma" is that I'm now hesitant to post my pictures on flickr. I don't want the world to see my poor attempts. If I can't get past this...I will have let myself down in the most spectacular of ways. To say it simply...I'm letting my ego get in the way of my progression.

So, beginning January 1, 2010, I will be posting one photo a week on flickr. The set will be called "52." I will also post the picture here and I'll comment on what I've learned during each week and hopefully, what I learned while taking each individual shot. I wish myself good luck because I have a tendency to let other things get in the way of my goals. And, really, luck is not the answer...perseverance is!


  1. I think you are a very talented photographer. Especially because you have such an artistic eye. Because of how talented you are, your skills will soon follow. Be Brave Grasshopper :0)


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