Sunset View Elementary School

Boxes of colored pencils and crayons, pencil sharpeners, folders, lower grade lined paper, washable markers, P.E. equipment, easels, tubs, rocks and fossils; everything and anything a teacher would need to begin a new school year, was delivered to Sunset View Elementary School today. Walking in and out of classrooms delivering teacher treasures brought back many memories. 

Jill was first to enter kindergarten at Sunset View in the fall of 1980. I had sewn all of her clothes to begin school, her hair was reddish in color and her blue eyes sparkled with excitement as we walked into the kindergarten classroom. Mrs. Mooney was the teacher's name. 

The school was built in 1959 and the architecture and color scheme reflected the age of the school. The classroom was well lit as windows filled the entire south wall. There was a playhouse in one corner, a rug on the floor where children sat at the feet of the teacher, and a bathroom designed for 5-year olds. As you walked through the door, cubbies with each child's name posted on bright colored paper in alphabetical order, welcomed the children. "Jill A." 

Chris started school one year later in the fall of 1981. Chris was just 4-years old the day we walked through the doors of Sunset View. Chris' first classroom sat just west of Jill's. The classrooms shared the 5-year old bathroom and like Mrs. Mooney's classroom windows filled the south wall. 


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