February 18th! Happy Birthday Ellie!

Happy Birthday Ellie... You're 3 today!

Ellie's Birthday Cake!

   We had a great time
watching Ellie open
her presents.

Ellie got so many new and wonderful t-shirts, jewelry,
crowns and makeup. Millie was on hand to help Ellie
rip open all those wrappings. Millie is a caring sister
and an outstanding helper.
Chris and Sara decorated the house with crepe paper streamers and balloons. They decided to hang streamers in front of Ellie's bedroom door so when she woke up and opened the door she'd be surprised. Ellie, upon opening her door, yelled, "WHO DID THIS TO ME?"  You've got to love her.

It was fun spending a few hours with Chris, Sara and the girls. Thanks for sharing such a fun birthday with us. Sometimes you find merrymaking just a few miles down the road!


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