Grand Teton and Yellowstone-July 2008

We had just commented on the tire debris scattered across I-80 when we heard BOOM...flap, flap, flap.  That is such a sad sound when you're headed to the wide open spaces of anywhere on the planet.  It does seem, however, that when Dana and Danna get together somehow there is always a flat tire on tap.  There was no exception this time.  

Danna got on the phone to get help from AAA only to find the coverage had lapsed.  While he worked on the problem with the agent, Dana and Garret got the tire changed and we were up and running again.


It was a fabulous trip with family (Dana, Ann, Garrett, Heidi, Ringo, and Diana)!  I had forgotten how "big" Yellowstone and the Grand Teton are.  I can't wait to get up there again soon.  I'm including several of my favorite pictures.


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